The Future is now roaming roaming by fdjerue7eeu


									The Future is now roaming roaming

 slowly roaming the future is now

 roaming the future in mind

 roaming the future in mind
 Wei Weifang City, Shandong Province Urban Peace Road in the fifth grade class
Xing Le
 in an air filled with the fragrance of mint night, bursts of cool wind came, very
comfortable. Unconsciously, my hands out the book to the floor, slowly rolling into
the eyes.

  moment later, a red light in front of me, gradually, all faint objects around me
disappeared. Huh? How this is going on, how so? Slowly around me there was a
silvery, I feel not in bed, and saw there in front of a huge spacecraft, from the inside
out, a tall robot, its head than I slightly larger, the skin is a scary pure white, covered
with an air-braving, saw that it said to me: "Welcome to the future world, and now
you come to a visit to our landscape it!" finished, it led me into the spacecraft, which,
come to the control room, press a red button, just listen to "Sou" bang, the door was
closed behind him. I feel physically as if to rise to the sky, the spacecraft flew up, and
no one driving is very smooth, it automatically avoid certain obstacles. I secretly
glanced at the screen, I saw above such data: 700 km per second. I can not help
thinking to myself: actually fly so fast, really advanced science and technology here,
ah! Was thinking outside the dark windshield. At this time, the robot lady finger tap
on the glass of a corner, surrounded by lit up at once.

  for a while, the spacecraft will be landing, and out of the boat, I came to a
transparent construction inside the building, surrounded by all surrounded by the blue
ocean. Standing in the central, there is a strange feeling, very comfortable ah! Robot
said to me; "You have come to the Maritime Museum, please visit on! Your
surrounded by a transparent glass, it is only a sketch of paper as thick, but in any
event will not be broken." I look around , groups of beautiful fish swimming around
happily, a variety of rock, those many shiny pearl also lie on the seabed, it seems that
I came to the wonderful fairy tale, "Underwater World." At this time, the robot next to
me handed me a green book and a pencil with eraser, and told me to write something
as long as the name of the first page, following dozens of sheets of paper on all of this
content information and matter anymore. If you want to delete after reading, to erase
the contents of the first page of the words will disappear.

 I'm trying to write the first page of "pearl" word, opened the book to see, which are
not only data, there are pictures which! "Drops" a faint noise coming from the robot's
watches, "I'm sorry, I have to add the energy of the." It took me out of the museum, on
the spacecraft ... ...
  few minutes later, under the spaceship into the elevator, in the 1-200 numbers in the
chosen 89. Elevator inserted into the underground factory blink of an eye, we come to
a dining table, the table plate How many pieces only 10 round things. Colorful. Eat
two red robots. Two blue. And drank a glass of green liquid. "Well, let's go!" Robot
finished to me.

 we came to a meadow in the grass here, each piece is different, the robot come up
with a package from his arms, said to me; "This is a total of 18,890 kinds of medicinal
herbs which can treat various disease ... ... "

" DDD! - "What is that sound? Burst of sound awakened me from the dream. The
original, this is only a dream.

, however, I believe, before long a dream of the future will become a reality!

 Instructor: Wang Kegang
 Comment: Small through a fantasy of the dream, Imagine a future world of magical
beauty. "Spacecraft", "Maritime Museum" "magic notebook" and other things of
mystery and magic, are all showing little of the thinking of the strange, the unique
imagination. Full Text language fluency, narrative clear, the first echo, clear structure.

 Submission :2005-5-1917: 42:33
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