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a Newborn Baby


a Newborn Baby

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									          <<Funeral Subsidy for the Dependents>>

1. Staff and Telphone:

   Chang, Shu-Yu(33665951)

   Han,Chia-Fong(College of Social Sciences, Law;23944880)

   Huang, Mei-Lin(College of Medicine, Public Health;

2. Applicable person: all regular faculty and staff
3. Application time: to be applied for within 3 months of the actual event.
   (6 months for the application of funeral subsidy for family member
   residing in the mainland China.) (After 行 政 程 序 法 has been
   executed, application is granted to state the reason on the
   application form and after examined then subsidy, but the duration is
   stipulated not to exceed 5 years. )
4. Standards of subsidy, required documentations, remarks.
*The standard of subsidy is subject to the amount of salary on the date of
the occurrence event month.*

                                                      31047-眷屬喪葬 Page 1 of 3
Deceased     Payout          Required forms and               Remarks
    of     standards            documents
Parents   5 months’          1.Subsidy Application 1. Limited to parents and
Spouses   of salary             Form for Military         spouses who were not
                                Personnel, Civil          civil servants.
                                Servants and          2. When a married couple,
                                Teachers                  or other family
                             2. Copy of death             members are all civil
                               certificate and copy       servants, the subsidy
                               of household roster        shall apply once for one
                               (or household              event of death.
                               certificate            3. Without double claiming
                               transcript) of which      the funeral subsidy for
                               the death register of     the deaths of biological
                               the deceased is           parents, adopted
                               registered in.            parents, and step
                                                         parents, the applicants
                             3.copy of the
                                                         shall make the
                                                         necessary declaration
                               household roster or
                                                         and apply accordingly.
Children     3 months’         certificate transcript Restricted to children
             of salary                                under the age of 20 who
                              (If every evidence is   were single and
                               made by china,         unemployed but not
                               should verified by a restricted to children
                               group set up or        above the age of 20, who
                               appointed or trusted were single, still studying,
                               by Execute Yuan)       and proven to be
                                                      dependent on the
* When applying for funeral subsidy for (maternal) grandparents, the
   application shall only be granted if the maternal grandparents have no
   children, or if the children are under the age of 20, unable to make a living,
   and proven to be dependent on the applicant. The standard for the
   subsidy is 5 months’ of salary.
* In accordance with the official Letter No. 0940061903 issued by the Central
   Personnel Administration on May 2, 2005, conditions of grant for funeral
   subsidy shall be broadened for applicants on retained employment
   without salary abiding by article 4-2-1~ 4-2-4 of the “公務人員留職停職辦法”.
   The regulation shall be effective as of May 2, 2005 (NTU official Letter No.
   Ren 013077, May 16, 2005)

5. Other items relating to the application — please refer to【眷屬喪葬補助申請
    1. Civil Servant Insurance Funeral Subsidy for Dependents
    2. National Health Insurance: Dependent’s withdrawal:
         Only applicable if the deceased dependent enrolled on the NHI
                                                           31047-眷屬喪葬 Page 2 of 3
         through the NTU.

6. Procedures:

                     Actual event of dependents funeral

  The applicant go to webpage of the Personnel Department, then enter
  application system (臺大婚喪生育子女教育補助申請系統), then fill and submit
  application data, the print the application form.
  If the newborn baby of applicant intends to join the National Health Insurance as
  a dependent, shall fill in National Health Insurance Transfer out Application for
  Category I Applicants《31008》

  The application form and the documents are delivered to the affiliated
  Personnel Department for processing

  The Personnel Department assesses the application and then transfers it to the
  Accounting Department

  The Accounting Department notifies the Cashier Division to pay subsidy,
  The subsidy is transferred to applicant account in the Post Office.

                                                             31047-眷屬喪葬 Page 3 of 3

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