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									Mentor teacher Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving dream mentor teacher

 grateful teacher

 Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province eight fifth (3) Ban Chen Shu Fan% D % A

  growing need to dream.
  realization of every dream,
  teacher can not do without the support and teachings.
  is the teacher,
-life's good,
  saw the world the purity of the,
  to know the world wide!

 dream of the great,
 is the teacher,
 in my frustration when,
 taught me to stand up;
 is the teacher,
 difficulty I met,
 with me and break through difficulties;
 is the teacher,
 in my success,
 proud as I am proud!

  dream, a need to share.
  teacher for me to pay so much,
  I would tell the teacher,
  I found the "New World."
  to the teacher,
  talk youthful sorrow and joy,
  pouring touch and care.
  growth of those interesting experiences,
, and those accidents of discovery and harvesting,
  make my world,
  more colorful,

  dream requires communication,
  over a truth,
, the more of a love;
  over a move,
, the more of a pleasure .
  My teacher,
  in my footsteps on every step, shed their sweat that pro-Kan.
  I will be forever recorded in the heart,
  hearty as the teacher will sing!

 You are the moist nectar of my life,
 You are my childhood joy,
 You are reading the first book in my life,
 You are my dream the first fire is lit,

 With You,
 I have a moving;
 With You,
 I did With longing;
 With your,
 Star is so bright,
 With your,
 life had so exciting!

 in this season of green,
 blue sky with white clouds chase,
 flower in love with the earth,
 breeze kiss the forest,
 spray attachment with marine,
 I also respect the teacher!
 moving, never mind pregnant!

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