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					Thank you letter to parents letter

 letter to parents of daughters Thank you

 letter to parents,
% D letter to parents % A five-year primary school Huangpu District, boat (2) Class
Han Jingxin

  Dear Mom and Dad:
  you! Daughter has grown up, this time, you most love to the daughter of a thousand
words to you telling, Thank you for bringing me to this beautiful wonderful world,
thank you for me has always been meticulous care, thank you for teaching I learned
how to get ... ...
  Dad, you are my life, a strapping big trees that shade your spacious sanctuary, my
seedlings were able to slow root growth. Remember, I was a kid, almost every night
all nestled in your arms, listening to you to tell a story of a nice to sleep to. After
school, whenever I encountered learning problems or poor test scores, you are always
timely analysis of patient with me, as I removed fan FAQ, guide me across the study
on a Road, Canton. Now, my top grades, writing and wrote well, in addition to the
teacher carefully cultivated, also magic of your years of hard work. Dear Dad - Thank
you for your daughter!
  father, you hurt me, love me, but you are never "pets" I. You always taught me that
everyone should know how to self-esteem, self-love, self-reliance and self-reliance,
asked me to do everything to be careful, do. Learn what life I have errors, you soon
will give me a "lesson", I promptly corrected. If you see my desktop and sometimes
messy, you will order me to finish, so I develop a good habit of neat.
  Dad, I know that now is not very good economic conditions at home, you usually
always live frugally, reluctant to spend a penny, but if I need to spend time learning or
life, you always is to find ways to meet my requirements, so that my life is full of
sunshine and happiness. This semester, I was recommended to participate in Huangpu
District, school computer science fiction drawing competition, the results lost. You
know said to me after the guilty: "My daughter, father, I'm sorry you are painting your
talent, father Quemo capacity to participate in art classes as early as possible will give
you the training and study, otherwise, you will not ... ...", I After listening to my heart
with unspeakable taste. Dad - I do not blame you, in fact, you have to pay a lot for me,
and even if I have not had a chance to go to training and learning, as long as willing to
use their brains and spend more effort, but also can achieve good results in this
respect it! Dad - you worry!
  mother in my life, you like winter and the dark torch, shining me, warm me.
Although your educational level is not high, but I do not therefore feel ashamed, I
think, you are the world's best mom!
  Mom, you Although there is no specific guidance in learning and me, but you are my
power machine learning. When I get good grades, you will encourage me to continue
efforts towards the next level; when I was frustrated to learn, you will enlighten me to
brave face, trying to overcome the difficulties; when I learned of two minds when ,
and you warned me not "in fits, and starts" and insisting that I will succeed. Mom, if
not you do the soft-sell again and again, how can I have good results today?
  mother, in my mind, you are a all-powerful "God." Normally, you not only for me to
prepare three meals a day rich, but also for me as the magic-style get hamburgers,
sandwiches, sushi and other Western-style cakes, let me a real treat. Annual spring
tour, Fall Camp, you are prepared for me hearty "lunch", the students are very envious!
I think, you do have to nutritional food than McDonald's, but also delicious, but also
warm! Mom, remember that you've given me the bundle of 22 long braids it? I do not
know how many people it won the admiration of the vision, they say: "Your mother
really hurt you, ah!" Mother, dear mother, when my heart sweetness, and I'm proud of
you, proud of you!
  mother this year's "51" period, I repeatedly made you angry, and after that I am sorry,
always wanted to apologize to you, can that is not exported. Here, please accept a
belated apology from her daughter now! Mom, I'm wrong, I'm sorry, tiresome to you.
Rest assured, I will no tiresome to you, I want to be a sensible, well-behaved good
  dear father, mother, your daughter's love many, many, in this thin stationery can not
say enough of your love. Your love is selfless, great, 10 million "thank you" can not
also expressed her gratitude. Your love is sincere, warm, her daughter will never
forget your love! Father, mother, daughter always love you! Long way to go after very
long, his daughter will redouble our efforts to properly take each step carefully! Rest
assured, my dear father, mother!

 I wish you good health, long hundred years!

 always love your daughter: Xinxin
 2006 年 5 月 21 日

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