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 sugar cane Tongxiang Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, plant materials Primary Five (2)
Wang Haiwei
 Speaking of sugar cane, everyone will feel very familiar, but will say this very soil.
Tianjin Jin eating sugar cane, but you certainly do not feel it when the very earth.
Especially when you are dry mouth, holding a length of time to eat sugar cane, will
think this is a treat.

 course, you want to eat sugar cane is not an easy task. First of all, take it out of the
skin planing to go. If you do not have a plane that is not peeled order to dig an easy
thing. You have to first tap the following clean, and then a knife to cut a section of it,
and then use the knife slashing its skin. Then, you can eat the sugar cane. Of course,
although the sweet sugar cane, however there are residues, while chewing on sugar
cane bagasse should spit it out. Thus said, eating sugar cane is not an effort thing, so
some people do not like to eat it. However, I have a soft spot, likes to eat the sugar
cane. Do not know how one thing, I wanted to eat one to see the sugar cane.

 sugar coat color may look good, and also a variety of colors, with green, purple, and
there are dark red. Its body a bit like taking out clothing bamboo pole, a section near
the root of the section more closely. How much sugar there is one, on top of fine,
coarse roots, with a few green leaves above the long, bearded like the following as the
root Zhangzhexuduo.

 cane can not only eat, but also can be used to sugar, pressing sugar cane to eat.

 one time, I went to the streets to play. I saw someone selling sugar cane. I
immediately stopped not to be moved. Took out money to buy a cane. The one who
gave me to sell sugar cane out of the purple leather trimmed away, inside the green on
the exposed flesh. So he cut the first paragraph of my time, I immediately took to eat
up. Just a bite, there is smell of sweet juice into my mouth water. I could not help but
praise them: "sweet ah, sugar!"

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang

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