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, Longgang District, Longgang District, Guangdong Experimental School 6 (7) Class
Tan Tian Jin
  if I edit the books, I would definitely put my favorite articles are edited in, of course,
I have to consider others feelings.

 if I edit a textbook, I edit textbooks are 50% of the articles will be selected from the
series of novels on campus. Such as "kite floating in the sky", "is the Middle School,"
and "Long live the Middle School 2," "flower season rainy season", "17-year-old cry,"
"Long Live Youth", "puppy love", "Long Live Youth", " sun as red as fire "," Good
Morning, Friend "," Diary of a female middle school students, "... ... These are the
series of novels on campus, if I put the excerpts into the textbooks, students learn it
will be very simple, because it is telling their story; and moms and dads can see, learn
about the child's voice, really kill two birds.

 the other 50 percent, I intend to excerpts from the classics, prose, poetry. Such as
"Tagore Poetry Collection," "Stars ? spring water," "Around the World in Eighty
Days," "classic essay," ... ... these articles, poems are written in very beautiful and
very well-known, help expand our knowledge surface. Of course, I will be compiled
into several books of the last Holmes story, improve our logic, so that our intelligence
has improved.

 can edit their own textbooks, it is great. Students, what books I edit, you like it?

 Instructor: Li Dongyang

 Submission :2004-4-815: 45:58
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