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									Table Tennis Table Tennis Serve

 brother is not table tennis ball

 table tennis

  table tennis Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, Zhuji City Experimental Primary School
6 (1) class
  Ling Xiao raining outside today, I stay at home is Mende Huang, therefore, play
table tennis with his brother. There is no table, which, on the use of tables instead,
without the net, put dry towels to remove the stainless steel rod. Such a table, which is
on the well.

 race started, first of all I will serve the younger brother of a push and took the ball
back, I am an edge ball, my brother did not catch. Next is the younger brother serve,
and I see his ball landed on the pre-emptive, suddenly from the board smash, the ball
meteor-like oblique in the past; he had come a head-on, a counter, the ball is back. I
skillfully a short ball, he calmly, playing back a shot ... ... so you come to me and I
played a dozen rounds, nor a winner. Once again, I smash, one of two plates, he was
caught off guard hit five consecutive plate, the first game, I won 21:17.

  series played four Council, the score became 2:2 pull the last one council is essential.
My situation got the ball, the ball slightly younger brother, a pad, the ball just over the
net, I get ahead of a fierce twist, because too much force, the ball flying out of the
tables in, I will lose a ball. He serves, as he served a point, morale was high, suddenly
hit a long ball suddenly short fluctuated, while extracting back, while shot, I confused,
overwhelmed, opened the score of 6 points, I would like to This time I finished. But
because he did not expect to win the ball off guard, I take advantage of recouping the
5 series, he flew into a panic started, so I win the last beat him.
  Instructor: Yuan Fei

 Received :2002-10-15
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