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  city in Guangxi District Secretary Heng Wang Weizhou five primary schools three
classes per grade Yan Ying Yiu
  in my childhood, there is a lot of successful pleasure, my most memorable life is
learning to swim.

 child, I was a super timid "landlubbers" I grew afraid of water, not swim. When I see
someone play the water, I do not mention how envious heart, ah! Mother could not
bear to let me be afraid of the water wants to play in the water that the pain would
sign for me to swim Course.

  but I still failed. Although I learn in the shallow water action to learn well, but the
teacher took us to a deep water training, I tightly grasp the shore of the iron pillars,
not daring to move for fear of a let go, you fell into the pool again also get up.
Therefore, the students swimming on the side "hot spring."

 dad has merit. Summer, my father took us to the North Sea swimming, I am both
glad and frightened, happy that finally can go to the beach Zhuapang Xie, and fear is
worried father, my mother forced me to swim.

 arrived in the seaside, I first "Thirty-Six, go to the account", holding a bottle Xiang
Liu, can not run far, it was my father, "grasping" to come back, and sure enough I
expected, he really wanted me to go swimming.

 father put a piece of foam into my waist, pulling me out on tour. I was terrified, heart
jump out, and slowly, my feet touching the ground, I'm scared soon faint. Kept in the
blessing: Oh Lord Buddha Lord Buddha, you can not go do not let me Shen ah!

 little while child, my heart slowly calm, dry and so is not the answer! A kind of
instinct of forced me to seize the foam tightly. May at this time, cruel father bubble
again removed, to leave me there. I was terrified, struggling in the water, something to
hold on to some solid, long wished himself again a little higher, so you can step on to
the feet. I was about to cry out, but a mouth, irrigation water go out into the mouth.
Then, in training learn the skills of swimming suddenly floating in my brain, but no
matter how hard I tried, the first is to lift it up. How do? My father is not far away at
me, I should not be afraid! I drum up the courage to own, took a deep breath, while
his hands swimmer, by the buoyancy in the water, head to lift, but may not know how
to essentials, and it would feel a little hard for. Finally, I was diving the way, after a
deep breath and dive, rise of ventilation with such a series of actions, and finally
swam to the shore. Then Mom and Dad for me at the shore are applauding it.

 has accumulated successful experience in the first, I am not afraid, and then my
father bring me out a few times, I can swim back themselves.

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