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					Students happy playground playground

  happy playground classmates tables in
  playground that is, in fact, a corner of our campus, in front of its two buildings. Set
off under the trees, and always brought us joy.
  class that the students come from Bingbing tables in front of long lines, a top athlete
in the hands of the racket you push me block, a small silver ball in the ball back and
forth on stage. Beside the students shouted "strike, refueling."
  large tree students skipping, singing, dancing, bursts of laughter came from time to
time. Some people here call "sing well, come one"; there was called "We want to see
what the Latin dance"; there are a group of students singing the number "One, two,
three ... ... 99, 100" The students were happy for her applause.
  still walking in that neat rows of brick on the lower grade students to play their small
groups in hopscotch, jump bars, leapfrog, one by one they all play delighted.
  flower on our no flowers, pre-school children enjoy the bounce at the top of the play,
one by one have become a small gray one.
  This is our playground produce happy, I love my school, I love our playground. -
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