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					Strong strong Life Life

 strong cactus Life Life

 strong in life

 strong in life
 Henan Hebi City, 8 completed Primary Six classes Yan Bo
 vast sea in a sail, so fragile, but life with the only difference is that life can be fragile,
but must be strong, only strong and fragile life can be more meaningful .

 as anti-Japanese during the strong eight-way, created today's brilliant; animals strong,
so they do not perish. Now what about, a few are so strong.

 mall on all unscrupulous political field all Chilipawai, several will stand strong on
their position, never be moved.

 said, the green cactus in my mind and disappeared the next. Expanse of yellow sand
in the green of life, seem extremely valuable, and that is strong cactus, he had a strong
heart, that is so full of human life. No years, cactus strong heart has never changed,
and now looking ahead, how many of the desert into an oasis. Yes ah, his strong heart
and his strong body, awaken the number of lives at stake, cactus told them, must be

 strong, waking life; strong, give meaning to life. We have to strong waves out in the
open sea.

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