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 strange aunt

  strange aunt
  Liaoning Province, Shenyang, Shenyang Sujiatun phase center Chen Shu-Chun Song
sixth grade,
  My mother is a fruit seller. Because Chinese New Year is coming, so my mother's
fruit stand is very busy, busy mom ate lunch all attend to eat. Meal delivery to the
mother on the way things fell on me.

 noon meal, a good grandmother to lunch boxes installed. I carried on to the market,
to the mother's Tanqian just to see an aunt is buying Apple. I saw my mother gave it to
Apple who said the good jin aunt, aunt who picked up to left. So far away aunt who, I
suddenly remembered aunt like not giving money, prodding her mother whispered on:
"Auntie who give money to the right?"

 mother surprised a moment, quickly asked next to the stalls of the aunt: "Big sister,
the woman just give money to the right?"

 "seems not to." stalls next to the aunt replied.

 mother heard this, Yipaidatui said: "Oh! Accompany, I can accompany the sale and
purchase today!"

 small next to quickly persuade Tao Wang Shushu : "Come on, even if you are

  mother suddenly Yipaidatui this time, self-consolation, said: "Thanks to her I
slaughtered half a catty, or I even had accompanied. "

 mother listened, I opened his eyes told her:" You kill that ah! "

 Just then, Tan Qian was saying:" I'm sorry , just because I am in a hurry, forgot to
give you money. "

 I looked up and who is just to buy Apple's aunt. Mom handed their money to see
people come and quickly took the money, blushing, smiling and said: "There is
nothing they are not busy you! I do not also forget to do?"

 I quietly told her: "Hurry up, said to the people Yeah!" Mom listened to me, hit me
with the body what it has frowned at me wildly. I understand that my mother was
embarrassed. On inspiration, pick up from the Apple share in one of the largest apple
and handed aunt said: "Auntie, you are very good and the apple to give your home
little brother eat!" Aunt did not push me, had to take equipment on the apple away.
Aunt left, mother smiled Louguo I said: "You're such a clever devil, do not kill my
mother later said that the!"

 hearing my mother, I looked away Aunt The figure, from the heart to praise: Aunt
Yeah, Auntie, you not only sent money to our family, but also with their own actions
educated my mother!
 Instructor: Cao Jianjun

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