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					Story about story-telling

 teacher with the content of stories

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 Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, plant materials Primary 6 (2 ) Wang

 really, the teachers work in today actually arranged in the home say, "Jing Yang
Gang," the story. This is a really long text, is the primary lesson I learned was the
longest article. And when the teacher arranged to add our own emotions. This allows
me a big headache. However, since the layout of the teacher, I have to complete ah!
So I went home, picked up the book to school. However, no matter how I read, not at
all appreciate those thoughts and feelings to Wu. How this can be done. I thought,
decided that the teacher said the second approach, coupled with his own imagination,
to seize the main contents of the change, other changes can be adjusted associations
enrich the content. Add me start to think what the. Like waiting for ages, I did not
want to add some what good. How do? Well, its fixed, I hastily a thought, decided that
this story so talk about it.
 then I saw my father sitting there resting, immediately walked over to the father said:
"Dad, now I want to tell a story to you." Dad said impatiently: "Walking open, I just
rest would bother. "Oh, really, the rest will not be able to listen to my story yet?
Wasting my time. No way, I had to go away.
 little while child, I saw my father was still closed, so once again walked over to him:
"Daddy, I tell the story very nicely, can give you to release fatigue." Movable father,
and said: "What are you talking about the story?" I said: "Wu Song Killing the Tiger."
"OK, you say it!" My father began to tell a story. I said: "Wu Song on the road trip a
few days feeling a little hungry ... ..."
  finished story, I asked my father: "Dad, do you think I tell you the story nice?"
"General!" Ah , only one general. But my teacher's mission accomplished. I feel so

 Teacher: Feng Yongkang

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