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 Universe of Star Wars organizations fortress

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  Star Wars, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong Province, from Le Primary 6 (4) Class Liu
  chapter in Iraq with the code by bringing Sa Lan Recent Organization
  shark in the distant universe, there is a huge fort - Olympic and Shi fortress. There
are a prison fortress prison inmates universe - Maer Sa prison. There are a large group
of prison inmates, of which the first crime is the biggest organized crime chieftains
universe - Recent Iraq Lan Sa. They are in the universe to live under police guard
until the escape of prisoners in Iraq Lan organization became restless ... ...
  that day, the Iraqi prisoners Lan incite rebellion, with a large number of prisoners
escaped from Austria and Shi fortress, to marginal to the universe, the new criminal
organization was born, the universe began to confusion ... ...
  planet in the 132, a large group of criminals led by the Iraqi Lan, grab the property
on the planet, occupying the planet, Austria and Shi fortress immediately sent by the
Church Committee, General Ha-er cloth driving Gundam G-t253 led a group of
soldiers played G-n276, 132 to save the planet, led the group immediately fled Iraq
Lan, because strength and the poor, can not resist.
, however, by the newly established Iraqi Lan and leadership code by bringing up
shark strong organization on the future of the universe ... ... security is a big trouble,
the Austrian fortress of the Executive Make Ao Shi Lu of its request for the assistance
to the other planets, which including the nine planets.
  shark code organization by bringing the recurrence of attacks on the universe of
G-BD planet, from the G-BD planet nearest Earth's Ha Sa instrument Recent fortress,
the fortress of Ha Sa instrument Recent Executive is a Chinese man, named Mao Jiro,
he immediately informed the Executive of each fortress besieged troops by bringing
shark code organizations, and sent Al's Super Gundam drive to stall for time, and
other strongholds of the armed forces get together after the attack.
  soldier named Al's Super V fighters, Al used guns to fire on the enemy, the enemy is
also using BT-47 guns to fight back. V not enough fire fighters, holding shields, holds
the sword, killing the enemy. Soon, the enemy's fire has run out, sword in the other
rushed to V fighters. V fighters were surrounded, he single-handedly thrust, but it has
scarred the. The enemy is trying to catch him, but the fortress troops and horses there
in time, fought off shark code by bringing organizations, soldiers rescued a V, but the
G-BD planet is in ruins, what this means ... ...
  s Chapter II mysterious beam
  planet, the U.S. manned rocket launch. Rockets have broke through the atmosphere,
to the universe, all good. Until a beam shot to the earth on the rocket lost contact with
the astronauts also mysteriously disappeared. Consecutive occurrence of several
similar incidents, the universe Guard conducted an investigation ... ...
  survey of one of only 16-year-old member of the Kazakhstan division Bathai ear
accompanied by protection for the Rockets next. Suddenly, a beam shot to another,
and the rocket exploded. Kazakhstan has followed the normal ear beam away.
  Kazakh teacher came to the beam ear reflex points, is a huge spiral city. Kazakhstan
ear surgery division uses camouflage, entered the city, suddenly, he was stunned, a
wide hall, stood countless support rocket, all fired from the earth. He immediately
reported to the team leaders. However, just one call, the town rang alarm, he hastily
finished the report, is preparing to leave, he was discovered and caught.
  Kazakh ears locked to the cell, my teacher, and lived a life of darkness ... ...
  survey team was to send troops to rescue the ear Kazakhstan divisions, to screw the
city, the captain commanding the military offensive. Soon, the fall of the enemy. Ear
division Kazakhstan saved back to fortress in the ... ...
  beam to find, but who launch is still a mystery ... ...
  Chapter god of destruction - Titanic No.
  not seen since the beam, the universe of the waste has mysteriously disappeared,
people have much concern.
  marginal in the universe, by bringing shark code fort, the large number of workers
are going to transport machine parts within the fortress. Came within the fortress in
the "creak" sound. Soon to come out of a large number of workers, all cosmonauts,
and all wearing a strange helmet. A year has passed very quickly, are at peace with the
universe, on ... ...
  until the day of a huge spaceship appears, then the universe of law and order on the
confusion. Association held an emergency meeting space, send Jupiter Fort - Fort
Harik Harik survey sent to Hong Chi Kwong fortress investigation. Can spread, Harik
fortress was attacked, when reinforcements rushed to the other fort, fortress has been
destroyed, just over three hours, the speed so fast, could in no line, nor could rush
reinforcements, universe in crisis ... ...
  1 weeks later, the spacecraft will once again, Mars fortress has been destroyed. Soon,
Mercury, Venus, Ming Wong Singapore, Neptune Orient Star fortress was also
destroyed, leaving the universe on the Earth, Austria Shi Lu and Ma Ersa three forts
had. Austrian fortress decision to destroy the spaceship landing facilities.
  time, the spacecraft again. Yi Lan standing board, and loudly declared: "Haha, that's
what I used to destroy your 'god of destruction - Titanic No.'. Your time has come
Sends." ... ...
  unfinished, continued.
  ("Star Wars" dream of the road with you to explore the universe, thank you to my
creation for their valuable input to further my writing!)

 Guiding Teacher: Why are you laughing Ran

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