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					A special gift mom special

 special gift of a mother

 a special gift

  special gift in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province Wuxi New District Experimental Primary
School 61 Zhao Chen
  Every time I see your eyes that early edge to climb the thin wrinkles, my heart
instinctively took to the feeling of an attachment, not to mention today is the three- 8
Women's Day, How I would like to say from the bottom inside: "Mom, you worked

 other end but in my eyes your black hair, still is so brilliant, you pair beautiful eyes,
always so bright and piercing. Maybe your appearance is no longer so young, but your
heart is always so amiable. Mom, I'm just big, bright flower of childhood memories, I
am filled with warmth.

  sunset, bathed in the afterglow of Choi Ha school, the students in twos and threes to
go home, go to gift shop to buy gifts for the mother, the students have an endless
stream. At a time when I, uneasiness do not know what to do, because today is
International Women's Day was great ah! My heart was more intense, and several
would like to open my mother, but his tongue then swallow. Hesitant, I think: my
mother endured sufferings for my hard working, a feces a urinary pull me to the big,
now, what gifts I have not prepared, how do? How do? I am trying to think, that is late,
the moment, think of this, I had an idea of the mother excited to talk about: "Today is
International Women's Day, I want to send you a special gift." Suddenly, my mother
with a kind of surprised eyes looked at me, puzzled, said to me: "ah? What kind of
gift ah! you today how the Yeah!" my heart Yi Chan, ramped up its courage and said:
"Mom, I wish you happy holidays! in this I want to give you a special gift, let me
excellent good results to repay you for me in trying it! "Mom surprised a moment, his
face showing the happy smile, in earnest:" Good boy , you finally understand the
mother's mind, and I'm so happy. "We can not help but laugh, that smile seemed
sweeter than the flowers.

 long time of laughter from time to time to resound with the ... ... a thousand words,
and as a: "Mom, I love you!"

 Instructor: Cao Ying

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