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  Health and coal stove, Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province Wuzhen, Tongxiang City plant
material Primary 6 (2) Shen Wei
  today, Sunday, and I rest at home. Mother saw me do the work in the play, said to me:
"Son, you have the time, I will help students with coal stove, right?" "Of course,
okay!" So I went to Health and coal stove the.
  I carried the coal stove to the room on the ground outside. Then, I went back to the
house which brought a number of students coal stove use items out of the room to
another place to put coal stove. Then I start to coal stove which has a number of
newspapers, lit with a lighter paper. Newspapers quickly burning up. I came alive
again in some of the coal stove wood shavings inside. Then I put some thin wood on
top, sprinkle some of the larger wood. I wait until after the large wood burning, put
briquettes into the top, so that the torch is burning. But good times never last in, coal
fire suddenly went out inside. I had to re-birth to.
  coal stove which I took out the things one by one. Then, I also like the first time a
coal stove as students. This time, I go astray a bit, in a large piece of wood on top of
the burnt briquette, then sprinkle Nazhi just not burning the briquettes. Then I went to
bring a big coal stove in front of the following Pushan force the door violently.
Pushan one, and sure enough coal stove fire inside a more prosperous. Less than a
quarter of an hour, I'll Nazhi students with a coal stove. I put in above it, a briquette,
and then I put coal stove carry her into the house. I have put my mother to see
students with coal stove, I am happy Zhikua. I said: "This is nothing, if there is
anything I need to let me." My mother said: "There are no, you can play." I laughed
and said: "Yes!" I turned out to play the.
  ah, today I'm happy, raw coal stove this thing let me do anything to be learned
whether their brains, but also believe!

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang

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