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 smelly feet the king and the poor children

 smelly feet the king and the poor children% Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province,
D% A Huashe tube Villa Campus 5 (2) Ban Gu Jiaqi
 legend of long ago had a totem country, where the king toward to discuss affairs of
state every day. He and his ministers to discuss how to rule a country wealthy and
strong, so the country has been very strong. In recent years, King died of a strange
disease I heard that the foot Qixiu incomparable. So he put all thoughts are and how
they can use in the cure smelly feet on the, affairs of state government could no longer
has. Countries on the decline day by day down.

 king shut himself up in the living quarters where people rarely see, and even the
Queen and Prince are gone. Honourable Minister of seeing such a good monarch to be
so afflicted by this strange disease is rapid in the heart. One after another across the
country to find the miracle-working doctor and Qi Fang, smelly feet cure the king's
relationship to national life and death became a top priority for the. Geniuses who
have been invited from around the palace, the king are all better to see them. But
dozens of people every day the king doctor, his condition is not better. Two years later,
the king can not bear it no longer has finally fled the Imperial Villa.

 King did not think of him as ordinary people, but also with such a strange disease,
many people regarded him become a monster general. Really live Yeah hard! He
thought: That's good, a rare opportunity to experience the life of ordinary people. He
went out Dai Ledian money for the journey, because there is no inn accept his feet
stink, and only living on the streets. Homeless for a long time, slowly coming to
realize some poor people, to these poor people good, do not mind that he often
brought him food and clothing. He has been remembered in this situation too!

 one day a teenage doll came to his side, press left to see the right, indeed, die of
shame him! But after a while there is no shame to see these wanderers him, also asked:
"The Little Prince, why you have been looking at me Yeah, I do not know where the
next offensive to you?" The children smiled and said: " old man just because I smell
your body odor, originally from your feet. My father was a doctor rule over this
disease, but unfortunately My father dead, or certainly be able to cure your diseases.
But there father treatment recipe left me, old man, if I believe I'll go to my house, I
think can cure the old man's disease. "Upon hearing the king, he kept thanks to:"
Thank you, little son! "the king came to the children following the children home.
King looked very surprised, and this is what the housing where ah, is simply a straw
shed a ah! Children to see the king's doubts, said, quickly explained: "uncle since my
father died, I have been a living, relying on herbs in the mountains every day for
money for a living. My humble you like to live here, my family?" The king is moved
with tears: "My child, you here the best, and uncle like." So the king and the children
go to the mountain herbs every day, the children at night to give him medicine Hot
water with a foot bath. Silver needle sticks every day the body was also several points.
They both like a father and son, as dearly and lived a life of beauty and beauty, home,
is full of laughter. After about two months, the king's foot odor is gone, the king
happy to say: "My child, my feet well, my feet ready! Me how to thank you? What
you have to pay, I'll give you what? "plain child, said:" I did not, I hope to have a
father, a home. "king understood the meaning of the child and said:" have you such a
good son, the biggest of my life happiness, I do your father! "So the two of them
thatched shed became father and son. Then the child is father of Chinese medicine
foot bath, the father's feet is now beginning a scent. King unawares out to bring their
own money to helping children get the house repaired, their home was a bit decent.

  random words into a mass of the palace, the King disappeared, how this can be done,
and if the enemy had heard, do not take the opportunity to invade ah! Minister and the
queen came up with this matter concealed, not outside Leak, who shoot to kill air
leakage. Side of the country to find the king to send trusted traces. However, a big
crowd is really difficult needle in a haystack. One day his son to the streets to sell the
two herbs, was a great master saw within, expert familiar that the king would have to
pull the last interrogation Burongfenshuo. King did not say, for another expert to see
what happens with a few masters. Several masters have petrified, this is the exodus of
recent years was the king, are also wrong? Several people requested the King of sedan
chair, with their Hui Gong. King refused to, saying that only then should bring his son
to go. They can not only big in this poor young man with a palace.

 to the palace, the queen and ministers are happy, the whole kingdom is rejoicing.
King also suddenly announced his good friend son - poor children. So the king more
love his country and subjects of the. He had been to resolve, must let the poor have a
better life, was immediately ordered, opening of poverty, reduce the agricultural tax,
so people lived a good life.

  poor children feel? In the palace school, he liked to read medical books. Sometimes
father and father how to rule the country towards a view. Ever since poor countries
have changed the whole child-like, the king intends to other poor children grow up,
take his throne, the king that only poor children are the most worthy of his trust, it
must be able to better governance.

 Instructor: Xu Fengjie

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