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					Say love, Mom and Dad

 father and mother hospital,

 say love,

 say love, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Wuzhen primary plant material 5 (2) Jiang
 maternal love is selfless, fatherly love is Enzhongrushan, that is not a kind of love
can be replaced.

 Speaking of love, I am reminded of one thing to. That is what happened when I was
young. One day, I get sick. All leave father and mother to accompany me to the
hospital to see the doctor. Came to the hospital, my mother held me patiently waiting
for a doctor to see me. Dad was quietly Wang Waimian went out. I think my father
must be something out, otherwise he would not go, certainly so sick before the doctor
gave me optimistic along with my mother hold me back home.

  Sure enough, the other for a while, my father walked out of breath, it seems he was
walking urgently, and will be the case. After my father came to see we are still waiting,
also on the side waiting. Then, after more than 10 minutes, the doctor asked me what
illness, where uncomfortable. Mom helped me answer the question. Doctors gave me
body temperature, listening to heart and lung ... ... and then the doctor gave me a
prescription. Father throws his things to his mother, took his prescription to retrieve it.
Assigned to medicine, and my father give the drug to the mother, holding my own to
injection room, please give me link nurse saline. Meanwhile, he called out just out of
my mother bought me something good to eat. This is some of all my favorite things to
eat normally. However, my appetite is not good, do not want to eat. My father asked
me: "What are you most like to eat something, and my father for you to buy." I said:
"want to eat ... ..." My father once said: "Well, well, I immediately give you buy, you
Wait a little. "talking, Dad holding me to my mother that he went out hastily blamed.
Soon, he came in, holding me want to eat the good stuff. Came to me, and my father
immediately come up with something good to put in my mouth. I think this is
something especially delicious, so, they laughed. Father and mother also smile with

  from the above instances you can see that maternal love is not selfless, fatherly love
is Enchongrushan's. Students, I think you are like me, there will be this kind of feeling.
This kind of love you should cherish, not to neglect.

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang
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