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									Fried shrimp and eggplant eggplant sandun

 green pepper shrimp eggplant noon

 fried eggplant Sandun

  fried eggplant Sandun
  Shaoxing Huashe County fifth grade Tanhong Dan Zhang drizzle
  I always find some way to learn cooking.
  morning of a Sunday, an opportunity finally came. Dad, sister to go out to work,
something her mother, can not come back at noon. Mama told me when to go: noon to
eat their burning. Also pointed to the basket to the food I bought. Shopping basket
There are vegetables, eggplant, eggs and meat. I saw, hi the! Have to eat my favorite
eggplant. I immediately made up his mind: noon to a "fried eggplant Sandun."
  fast near noon. I washed the eggplant cut into 1 1 of the pier-like, and from the fridge
I took a few grains of pepper and 10 silver white shrimp, the green peppers cut into
small pieces, into the plate.
're ready to start cooking up. I red-hot the pot, pour oil until the oil smoke, the down
on the eggplant, green pepper and shrimp. The quick stir, eggplant fried deflated into
a purple; green pepper fried deflated, and become more green, silver white shrimp has
become crystal-clear Ying. I added some water, put a little salt, pour a little wine, then
cornstarch thicken, and finally added a point chicken and monosodium glutamate.
  sandun eggplant pot, and into steaming plates of Sandun, drift with flavor. At that
time, I gave Xi Guo, and only taste. I do not know taste delicious, or I am hungry, I've
been half-eaten. Today think of it, really feel funny!
  I'll never forget that fried eggplant Sandun.
  Instructor: Hu Kangquan

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