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Sad sad grass grass by fdjerue7eeu


									Sad sad grass grass

 sad a tall grass

 grass sad

  grass sad
  Guangdong Ping to the street, Longgang District, the first primary 6 (2) Ban Wei
  leaf in a green grass grow on a very tall tree. The foot of the apple tree, a long with a
blade of grass. Blowing in the breeze, the grass with the wind flowing, then it is
graceful ah! Very likable.
  One morning, wake up early in the morning grass, but, but glum. Strange partners,
came to him, asking why it is not happy. It did not say anything, up to cry randomly. It
is weeping, saying: "Look, when the apple trees to smaller than me, but also shorter
than I, but now, can it grow so high, so great. But I was still the same. Every day, tall
apple trees all singing merrily in the morning breeze in, the bird was tired, his head
resting on it. rain, it can help people to shelter. the fruit mature, they will picking food.
It can help people Jieshu fruit, thirst, increased nutrition, fill the stomach, can be more
useful. and I can only envy it rise. I am always so small, can not help people, but also
can not make What contribution. "partners listened and said sadly:" Yes ah, you
rightly said. But this is a God, what we do? "He then walked away sadly. Grass
continues to cry, slowly, the grass crying tired, under the arms of the apple tree and
fell asleep.
  sleepy just when the grass vaguely heard someone call it. It looked outside the
original is the toad uncle in the call: "Grass, how are you?" Grass replied: "one can
tell, I'm fine, what you said yesterday that I have heard, in fact, You do not sad,
though you are so in short, but there are many advantages, but also people's good
helper ah! you can protect the soil, and green environment, green areas, you also
contributed to the ah! Take me for instance ! people never praise me, I never
appreciate. They always frogs to catch insects that protect crops, is very powerful. It
not only did not appreciate me, or even some say toad wants to eat - good to be true. I
was also sad, but after thinking again and again, this is nothing to the sad, people will
one day see my strengths, will be fair to me. you too. "grass thank Uncle toad
enlighten, wipe away tears, exposing bright smile.
  From then on, the grass and her colleagues were happy to grow and continue to serve
mankind, to help people.

 Instructor: Peng Zhongcheng

 Received :2005-12-815: 17:55
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