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									Sad sad goldfish

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 sad sad
 section of Chung Tai Shu Primary 5 (3) Bangor Jinjin

  school today, I get home, my grandmother told me: "Gold Gold, you support the
raising of goldfish also died in the last one." I listened to my grandmother, I was very
  I rushed to the finished school, ran into the room, went straight gold fish tank and
saw a lovely piece of goldfish, stomach facing up, floating in the water, motionless.
This last one goldfish, this is really my favorite goldfish died!
  I remember three weeks ago, I used the Sunday, specifically to the temple bird
market, after a long time of carefully selected, bought three are beautiful, and lovely
  From then on, I put three of these goldfish as a baby, whenever you have a squat
next to the tank, feeding, changing the water, and nothing to do, I squatted next to
read and they look like swimming to see them play each other. These three lovely
goldfish brought me a lot of fun!
, but did not last long, and after a few days, a goldfish died, a few days another
goldfish has died. I also would like to know why they died, but I never figure out their
cause of death. Today the last goldfish also died, I was very sad!
  I fed them every day, changing the water to them. I do not know these three lovely
goldfish will remember the day I take care of their masters?

 Instructor: Sun Xiang root
 reviews: a small goldfish died, causing a small author's sad, because the small of a
caring, kind girl. Makes sense.
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