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									Rizhao, Shandong Rizhao travel on the 4th side of

 on the 4th side of the Shandong Rizhao

 on the 4th of Shandong Rizhao travel

 on the 4th of Shandong Rizhao travel
 Pingdingshan Guangming Road Primary School 6 (2) Wang Mo
 2005 年 8 月 12 日 下午 6 30 AM, we went to sunlight play, in this period, there
were many interesting and funny stories ... ...

 1, muggy night

 2005 年 8 月 12 日 下午 6 30 AM, we boarded a sleeper train to Shandong
Rizhao, beginning with the Shenzhou Travel Agency Sunshine 4 day.

 in the car, me and good news, Shanshan, and several other children in bed and
talking while eating snacks brought sunshine to go, knew it to the middle of the night.

 Hey? How we just fall asleep and sleep is not it? Hey, not that because the heat it!
Although the car has air conditioning, but she opened the driver for a while, a while
off. Despite complaining tourists, tour guide was ignored, turned a blind eye.

 "whoops! Hot dead! Can not stand it!" I wipe the side, side kicks.

 This Khan is really a non-disruptive at this point, just wipe off, then run out. Rub
also not the total, to this moment that I realized from the "sweat is" the true meaning.

 "drivers to master, open open air bar, heat can not stand!" We shouted in unison
directed at car drivers. Looking out the window because the other station wagon to
leave roads open air and mist, and then Chouchou clean our windows, we can not help
a wry smile.

 at this time, is 1:00 more. I do not know which uncle shirt hot off the lead, then be
out of hand, less than a few minutes, the car most of the gay men are bare arm, can
still the hot.

 I regret listening to her mother's words, not with a fan, this down to good, had to
suffer, a pain it.

 so I hot, the blame sound had a sleepless night.
 2, I see the sea it!

 spent the night last night, I do not know when to actually fall asleep. When the ray of
sunlight in my face, I opened his dim eyes, a stretch up. At this point has entered the
Rizhao City, and now coaches are straight beach.

 moment later, car will arrive at the destination. When we're ready, they set out.

 View -

 Not far away, what is the flashing?

 is the sea! Is the silver spray. Is a rough sea.

 hearing -

 is not far away, then what is that?

 is the sound of the sea! Is the sound of waves rolling waves! Mixed with the laughter
of people inside.

 "we see the sea it!" Side of me and a few children cry while dancing in the run to the
beach ... ...

 sea is getting closer and closer to us. Wow, I have seen the sea as if her mother
opened her arms to us! Deafening sound of the waves, it is the sea mother with her
unique way - pleasant sound of the waves to welcome our guests from afar.

  few of us kids would not wait to run into the sea, he was then rushed to the big
people stopped. Some children can only sit in our golden, soft, and has been the hot
sun on the beach, watching helplessly in the waves in the sea one after another, heart
to go on blaming the sea is too warm for our mother, and (because waves too, at this
time is high tide, a few children for our safety, we are idle, a large sea.) After a child,
wave a little small. That play at the water, they love their baby daughter's father one
way or another, I set the buoy, under the sea.

 really cool water ah! US-Yo! The waves rolling upon my little feet, the Ice, and
thrilled! My father and I compare to the deep sea where travel to, huh, huh, that is the
Tour, as it is to go past. Why? Because I was "landlubbers" Bai!

 deep in the sea, the waves getting bigger, there is one high, even higher than this. To
me this "landlubbers" security reasons, in the sea just over ten minutes I had with my
father on the shore.
 sitting on the golden beach, while playing with sand, they pick the waves rushed to
the shell. Also another fun enough.

 knew, went to the noon, we now have to play tired, hungry trouble, so, dragged his
exhausted body, feeling able in the stomach, have returned to the car, the car will rolls
over to the hotel ... ...

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