Rickshaw pullers New Year's Day

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					Rickshaw pullers New Year's Day

 driver on New Year's on both sides of several


 driver of Jining City, Shandong Province Wenshang County Experimental Primary
School 5 (2) Lin Cheng
 New Year's, and the streets deserted exception, in addition to selling the scrolls of the
few people on both sides other than a few pedestrians can not see afar. Occasionally
only a few people who hurried home from the side walk.

 curtain began to come down, have been playing the wrong track we think of home.
Unwittingly been far from home, ran back home now if I am afraid too dark can not
get down.

 person who has shut the shop and started on both sides of home. While we were
helpless under a vague distant from us more and more into the figure. About
discovered a Dengsan Lun, and that bike tricycle very worn. I am a bit surprised, New
Year's, Is there Dengsan Lun's? Look at the driver wrinkled, shining white beard
hanging down his chin. A simple big jacket, so I think some of the total sad.

  my brother works slowly on the car, the driver may be too old, too weak physically,
from pedal cars to a very laborious, pedal what should rest for a long time, I really
regret this should not be on car. If I ran home, then the time is almost at home. Seeing
dark days soon, I worry them. However, in order not to disappoint him, I had to sit at
the top.

 I said to him: "New Year's, why do not you go home?" He turned around and looked
at me and sighed, said nothing.

 I think I guess what brother, Meng lifting the head.

 few hundred meters away, he had tired of gasping. He did not efforts to go a step
further, this time is in the uphill, stepped back a little tricycle.

 sudden, he stopped, got out. Tui Zhaoju child step by step to move forward.

 I looked down, I clearly see his feet trembled, his brother the eyes closed. I looked
up the sky tonight, the stars seemed exceedingly bright.

 "No you have to stop it." I said: "The rest of our walk."
 husky voice he whispered about her people can not hearing, he still did not stop.

  In the end, he sent us home. I hastened to money or to him, took out a 10 to give him
a dig he dig his pocket pulled out a lot of bits and pieces, look for a long time did not
find a piece of.

 I pull out the wallet, which there are six hair. I said: "Well, the 10 have to give you."

 He shook his head, said: "The charge you 10 too many, this six-Mao give them to

 I listened, feeling very sorry for him, the heart would definitely give him the 10's.
No matter how I say that he is not the end he asked for the six hair.

 followed by his old tricycle riding that bike, gone.

 at this time has been when the night, tonight the stars and the moon is very bright.
Moon next to the clouds, as if the moon was bright light startled the general, where
the fixed stop, the moon has quietly stood there, motionless.

 late night, I lay in bed unable to sleep. Hazy moon issued a clear light, like the
blinking eyes, dark drowsiness. And the moon next, then a bright star still shines,
perhaps, it represents the unknown driver.

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