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									Remember a radish juice squeezed out a

 a carrot out of plastic

 mind once squeezed carrot juice,

 mind once squeezed carrot juice,
 Fujian Sanming Ming Ning Experiment sixth grade (1) Class Zhou Jingyu
 today, I pressed the red radish juice.
 I first peel radishes, then a root of a large radish radish cut into thin section, because
the blender is a slender hole. We then honey out. This material will be ready.
 and then we packed in a basin radish, get the juice machine next. Mother transferred
to speed quickly. I single-handedly put into the hole in radish, a downward pressure to
seize the plastic cover. The following iron cutter Bianba radish cut into slag
discharged to next. Carrot juice will flow down the pipe in plastic basin, so the cycle.
Until the completion of all carrot juice. If you installed the plastic basin filled with
water, juice can not continue to squeeze, and otherwise juice water will overflow.
 we squeezed a lot of carrot juice. Radish juice plastic basin mounted, it also has Qi
Bafen stomach. I put out plastic basin, mother out spoon, scoop a spoonful of honey
with a spoon. Then spoon until smooth. I juice into their cups of water. I asked
everyone to taste I squeezed carrot juice. Grandma squeezed carrot juice taste my
grandmother also Zhikua me: "My grandson is great, this thing really delicious! This
thing is made of? So delicious!" I heard was flattered.
 radish juice squeezed the fun, I can not wait squeezed juice every day, drink juice.

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