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					Remember the first picnic picnic picnic

 wonderful time cooking, Jiangsu Province

 recorded a picnic

 recorded a picnic
 Pizhou City, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province Canal Normal Primary 6 (5) Class
Leung Bo
 I am the most memorable thing is the fifth year of a picnic.

 It was Friday morning, I am carrying a bag, what with the need to step into the
school gate. 8:10 pm our time off. We walked a brisk pace, moving and singing
wonderful songs, step by step walk to the six Paul River, on the way, we seem to
forget the six-Paul river very far, forget the tired to walk there, saw the students draw
a beaming face. We are all in high spirits, joking and laughing along the way, soon we
came to a six-Paul River River.

  we find a green forested areas, place a lot of food. Sunshine in the land, 6
Paul-sur-wooded river, green grass, warm wind over our cheeks, the sound issue
lightly. We are in groups of five, a small iron pot rack well, picked up a bundle of
sticks, lit the fire, the fire started small and slowly it became a fire from the flames,
our group first Shaoqi the dishes, Soon, the students are also beginning to cook up.
Copied pot of "pop" sound, the laughter of the students, shouting, resounding, moving
into a wonderful symphony. Not five minutes, our first course burned, and is fried
potato silk, waves of fragrance smell of food from, can not help but let a few students
saliva salivate.

 good first food, and the burning second dishes. Let everyone hands, and soon we are
all burned up Cook. We sat on the grass, cabbage to eat with the pancakes, although I
do not like to eat pancakes, but I can still eat, quite incense.

 meal, we also held a small wrestling match and the crosstalk performances, the
students I say a little joke, they all amused.

 time flies, have slipped back to the required time, we had lined up, reluctantly left
the place hard to forget.

 really a fun picnic!

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