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Remain in the depths of the frustration I stay in the


									Remain in the depths of the frustration I stay in the

 is to remain in the depths of helplessness

 is left in my deep frustration

 stay is in my deep frustration
 Shiyan, Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Luo rent Primary 6 (1) Class Lai
 6 月 afternoon of 4 4:30 I officially announce I am fully liberated, because That
was my primary school life the most important day, it relates to my junior high living,

  After that, I would not want to do, and what seems to have completed the task, my
hand gradually empty, every day I just want Emily to mix in the past without any
issues for me is no longer important, but do not go as I expected. Studies have
immediate need me to complete learning tasks can be I can not accept this study,
examination results not come out one day, my heart is not practical, because I know
that teachers, parents and students to the first some results disappointed, they now
given both to me only a hopeless eyes. Although the opportunity to small, really small
chance was only 1%, but I do not want to accept this reality, many people from my
surface look, I have only a careless look, but I care ah! Care, care is care, in my
opinion, enough to test into a kind of shame, enough to test into a school dreams are

 My ever thought of playing truant, but the family, the school of so that I can not
move, but where is my shelter be? But should I continue to stay in the classroom that
boring, just living death, I am not afraid to face that this book, I'm afraid the eyes of
which both disappointed in this dilemma of the environment, I can only resignation,
submissive to expectation that a normal examination results.

  I know I have gradually become a bad student, writing the grass, school seriously
and perfunctory treatment of the behavior of all operations demo out in me. My
courage is also growing, is no longer a primary school, I seem out of bound, in a
language class that I want to bear the Han race, class Chaozuo Ye know that the
teacher found out and also know what's good, in that , I just want to anyway so many
good students do bad things with me, to be punished with a fine on Bai! God! The
face of increasingly bad behavior more than I am helpless, helpless.
 Instructor: high public Xin

 Received :2005-10-717: 28: 49
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