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					Reed curtains Baiyangdian reed

 Reed also curtain

 Baiyangdian reed

 Baiyangdian reed
 new primary school in Hebei Province, Baoding Security Six classes Zang Qing
 Baiyangdian reed

 I live in beautiful Baiyangdian side, I often see the reed.

 role in a lot of reeds. Reed woven reed mat can, paper can be made into all kinds of
crafts. Can also be exported to foreign countries made curtains, curtains made with a
reed, both beautiful and practical. Reed's roots can be medicinal.

  strong reed vitality. Regardless of wind and rain, it is always straight forward, not as
fragile flowers.

 spring reeds sprout and the green verdant. My partners in the reeds and small buds,
play games, kite-flying, soft wind touched each of us face, and made us feel spring
coming. We were tired, they lay on reed shoots in, looked at different forms of the
clouds of heaven to see this little like what tis like anything, there is fun.

 summer, the reeds taller, grow up, the vast green everywhere. My little partners from
hide and seek in the reeds. Layers of reed, like a green curtain of our block of tightly.
Yes it began to shake up the reed, from a distance, like the endless green of the ocean.

 fall of reeds in deep yellow. The leaves fell on the water, was about to cross the river
of ants to make the boat. People with a sickle to cut off the reed, on the board, lined
up, paddled like a long, woven with reed snake.

 I love reed ......

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