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					Recycle Bin Recycle Bin cursing grandma

 swearing recycling an old woman

 foul Recycle Bin Recycle Bin
 swearing in Shijiazhuang City of copper smelting town of Lotus Luquan Camp
Primary School grade 5 Fan Wang dry

  long time ago, there was a beautiful island, island by a noble and wise king ruled. In
his kingdom, people are polite, never to care about trivial little thing, we live very
  on the island had a forest, the forest there is an old witch, she was resourceful,
all-knowing, she felt in the realm of civilization seemed very small. Her to do a major
event --- the civilized world into the dirty world.
  look pockmarked face uncle who drink fruit juice in the waiter to check out, actually
exclaimed: "Boy, pay!" Uncle said: "I'm trying to do it? Eyes blind?" Then he threw
the money 往桌子上一 went away; a grandmother is selected eggs, then a beautiful
young lady to buy eggs, granny accidentally broken eggs, get the lady's shoes . Miss
angrily shouted: "old woman, see you put my shoes dirty, give me clean it." And so
granny finished with the mop, and she shot a glance toward the two disliked and
left ... ...
  few years later, a bit cosmopolitan priests here. Happened to two children in the
Wanni Ba, no other priests openings, Take a child to the priest threw mud in his mouth
and called: "white-haired old man, Get out of here!" Priest came to market, the more
exaggerated, people actually all small groups to curse.
  This is like swearing in of the Kingdom of ah!
  witch's happy days are over, I do not know her, there is day, and people beyond the
old priest would get rid of her magic.
  priest at the market to announce his corner market opened a Recycle Bin, the
Recycle Bin does not trash the acquisition of bad language acquisition. People are
curious have come to watch the crowd packed into the recycle bin door. Taoist priest
opens a magic bag, good teams make people stop their mouth spit toward the pockets
of someone.
  After five days and nights, the whole country towards the pockets of people all spit
out the heart of the unhappy, and then the sky suddenly began to snow, snow or rain,
across the country clad in silvery white. The next day, the sun came out, people across
the country hailed the elimination of a disaster.
  witch can not stand the temptation to come along for the ride also, Who knows
which is no longer before the world. She cheers the slowly melting, and finally
disappeared into a wisp of water vapor in the air.
  From then on, civilization emerged in the kingdom, people will always be civilized,
happy lives.
 Teacher: Mei-Lin Kuo

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