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					Recommendations to the President of a letter a principal

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 recommendation to the president of a letter

 to the principal of a the proposed closure letter
 Sanming Sanming Sa 6 years 2 Experimental Primary School classes Zheng Weijie
 Dear Principal:

 Hello! I am a graduate of primary school students, time flies, sun, moon and the loss
of a flash, I have a naive ignorance of the children grew up and became a primary
school graduates had. Recalled childhood through the good old days, and then think
about leaving school nurtured me for many years, students from morning till evening
the teachers can not help, the tears in the eyes roll in children, is really ready to go up.

 in leaving his alma mater, I would like to make one small recommendation. I think
that the school computer room should be the computer for a change. Teachers should
not only supply a host more than 20 sets of machine running, this boot has a market
share of light half class, but also how to study ah? Last time I had the honor to
participate in the contest Sanming computer, their computers are all the complete
machine, not as we rely on the host computer to run. You can also access their
computer, there is also FLASH (animation) in the completion of the course after today
can enjoy the FLASH, so nervous the day of the body run down, no longer have to
spend to buy VCD seen before. I door? Turn over half of lessons, learning to use the
10 minutes, leaving only a little time, no FLASH read, had to chat. Our Quanzhou
Sanming Shaxian not it? We Experimental Primary School is one of the top primary
schools in Sa, then that "soil" in how the computer line ah!

 school replaced as long as the computer the same computer as the primary Sanming
on the line. All schools can first sell the old machine, get the money to buy one or two
computers, named after the county funding or allow parents to donate some money, so
to be able to get a new computer has.

 respected principal, I hope you will accept my proposal. Chu: You laugh button
normally open, Sa Experimental Primary School better and better!

 Student: Zheng Weijie

 Submission :2003-5-5
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