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					Proud of drops of water drops lotus

 proud drops lotus lotus

 proud drops

 proud Zhejiang drops
 Province, Central Primary School, Shaoxing County Ke Yan Ruan social Branch 6 (2)
Class Debate on the
 thunderstorm under a large half an hour, gradually stopped. And the earth seems to
have a bath, a dashing look. Pond, the pink lotus in the lotus of the mountains and
rolling hillsides, is extraordinarily beautiful and elegant. Lotus leaf, the fish frolic
with, splashes fell on the leaves, islets and transparent water droplets to roll to
children, it is truly beautiful!

 At that time, small bridge, a little girl came the voice of innocence: "Mom, look, that
drops of water on lotus leaves more than the U.S.! Like crystal pearl like."

 small drops listened, very proud, and glanced at his next lotus, lotus, said: "Look, I
am more beautiful! others are to admire me, and not see you. "lotus, lotus leaves have
smiled listening to silence. And small drops of water are increasingly carried away
together, as if into a real pearl, the lotus leaves dancing heartily, shine with their
beauty. But then, accidentally, actually rolled down into the water. Rippled the water,
after which calm again.

 lotus, the leaves were still standing but in silence ... ...

 Instructor: Nguyen Lang

 Submission: 2004 -4-720:57:26
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