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Prince Queen asparagus asparagus


									Prince Queen Asparagus Asparagus

 Asparagus King Queen Prince

 Asparagus Prince

 Prince asparagus Anchang Town, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, completed a small
Sheng Ling 6 (1) Ban Shen Tingting
 past, a handsome prince is a single son, the king and queen special pet him all sorts
of demands on his obedience, and even willing to accept his unreasonable demands.

 day for lunch, the chef to the Prince sent a flood of meat fried asparagus dish. Prince
has never eaten asparagus, he tried a little, that is fresh and tender, delicious. A happy
pounded his desk and said: "Oh, great!" From then on, the prince apart from
asparagus, the other nothing to eat. King, queen advised him not to eat asparagus, and
eat other dishes. Life and death can not listen to him. Not only refused to get rid of
"eclipse" this bad habit, but also provides the palace where the king and queen and all
had to eat asparagus. Prince still king sent men to the nation to an order: From now on,
only eat asparagus, are not allowed to eat another! Streets covered with slogans:
"Down with tomatoes, vegetables down, down ... ..." "Long live the asparagus!"

 one day, the prince found the palace of the people wearing the headsets, including
the King the Queen. He went shopping and saw the streets of the elderly, children,
women, young people all wearing the earmuffs. Indiscreet remarks to him from time
to time. He returned to the palace, and asked how the king and queen this is going on.
They said: "Children ah, you go look in the mirror to see." Prince in the mirror look,
what do you think he saw? A fair and clear of Lian Pang, Zhang asparagus with two
ears. Prince to please the imperial doctor, the doctor shook his head no way. The
doctor has the ear with a pair of asparagus.

 one night to a white beard, a bald old, he told the prince said: "I can cure your
asparagus ears. But you have to promise me three things Caixing. Prince urgent the
answer: "As long as the asparagus could cure my ears and I could promise! "" Well,
you listen. First: In the future, not allowed to eat asparagus, and what had to eat. ""
OK, OK! "" Second: After, oh! No, from now on, do not Xuxiang Guo Wang, the
queen made unreasonable demands. "" Sure! "" Third: you must first grow two pea
eyes, a mustard nose, a mouth eggplant. "" What is it! So ... ... that ... ... I am not a
monster yet? "" A casual you do not agree. However, I'm going to tell you, if you do
not agree, then the last requirement, even if you agreed to the first two requirements
are useless. Dear Prince, you think about it! "Then, the old man disappeared. Prince
thought to himself: this evil out of my Chuang, to be able to cure all the asparagus
ears, I should do. So he gritted his teeth, a firm nod, and he and puts out the eyes peas,
mustard nose, mouth eggplant.
 The next morning, the Prince dining downstairs and found everyone inside the
palace of the earmuffs off, everyone's ears are restored stood. He delves into the street
and saw people also returned to its previous. prince met, I do not know mind is happy
or sad. suddenly he was covered in a shiver, he took off the goggles, earmuffs, masks,
a photo with a mirror, find their eyes peas, mustard nose, mouth eggplant, asparagus
ears all but disappeared, then returned to his original handsome face pale and goes on.
At this point, his nose an acid, to tears, that was happy, excited tears ah ! Since then,
the prince no longer picky eaters, not vexatious it! later became a strong horse body
strong, loving the people as a good son King.

 students, having heard this story, you will also worry that one day they will become
a chocolate prince, princess peach, or a fat king? It can be awful. Fortunately, the
"Asparagus Prince" This story reminds us: Do not biased! partial eclipse is no good!
 Supervisor: Zhu flood

 Submission :2002-9-4
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