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 lotus rain praise Queen Mother

 lotus praise

 lotus praise
 primary Caopu Luohu District, Guangdong Province 5 (2) classes Yang Sheng-zhi
 lotus, also known as Lotus. In my mind, the lotus is great. A white lotus, purple, and
there are pink, but also yellow.

 lotus in the rain to listen to people saying more beautiful, and today I really enjoy to.

 gloomy day, everywhere, under the drizzle. I Maozhao Yu squeezed into the pavilion
to watch the picturesque scenery. Rain fell in lotus leaves, like those many cute little
dew merrily danced. Dress in the rain, the flowers look so brilliant. Breeze, swinging
Na Shaonv lotus posture as beautiful, dotted with sparkling lakes.

 legend, long ago, the Queen Mother's maid Yuji been touched by the beautiful
scenery of West Lake, she secretly knew the next mortal to be Queen Mother, will she
become a lotus, "into the mud and never be no further registration Nantianmen. "

, there was a "出淤泥而不染, wash clean without demon ripple" through the ages to
praise the lotus of the famous.

 lotus flower can not be with the king - the peony flower fairies - daffodils to par. But
the "Flowers in the Gentleman" is more valuable that 出淤泥而不染 character.

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