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									Sympathy sympathy for individual

 sympathetic individuals to influence


 sympathetic Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Baoan Xixiang flow Tong Primary 6 (1)
Huang Shaoling
 class in every human heart, have a red thing - heart. Very heart of human impacts,
including sympathy, but also dominate it.

 sympathetic hearts of everyone there; Institute of sympathy, will also own lives
better. People who have good, when you see the people around you feel sad because
of frustration, you will be affected, you will be unfortunate for him but sad, unhappy.
In the unseen world, there are many such things, and reflected, and is owned by the
sympathy of mankind - from the tiny thing out of compassion embodied!

  lot of times when you will see in the street, "beggars", I will handout a little. Even if
they are deceptive, I do not want to imagine. Because I know the world, deceptive
little need to worry about, we need more compassion.

 either in a small corner of the world, which any person, he has sympathy. His
compassion may not come naturally, but I dare say, his sympathy is subject to the
impact of the people around him.

 sympathetic to illustrate a truth, not sympathy, no compassion for people, certainly
not promising that he Liangleichadao friend. Only learn compassion, can make their
own lives for the better!

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