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 breath of childhood lane 1

 childhood childhood path

 cul-de-Experimental Primary School year 5 classes Zhou Xiao Jing

  there is a day I will take the cement path, perhaps the tree the day before yesterday
cried sadly, and the leaves washed it completely. Road in the morning light
illuminated the golden flicker of our childhood like footprints.
  This is a road full of flavor accompanied me through a years during the good times
gone through childhood. As the road represents childhood, it is a childish smile, filled
with the innocent simplicity; is a film with green leaves, exudes the breath of spring;
that light shining path for us to plant the seeds of hope on both sides, let us Raising
the voyage of sailing, filled with longing, accompanied me towards the other side of
the ideal.
  path! I am the one thing you recorded. I still remember: when I enter the first grade
when the Young Pioneers, with a bright red scarf, looking at the red sun, with very
happy. At home, I stepped on you quickly run, you do not get angry, but next to the
tree you swinging Zhi Gan, together for I am pleased. Me stop and listen to your
words, you say: "Small students, wishing others it! Can not be proud, make persistent
efforts to Hello! You had better learn the skills to build home ah! You first know that
my joy and give me warning, let me not be proud!
  Another time, I did not master this unit because of knowledge, examinations worse. I
walk in your body, this is not gay but a low, just tears would flow down, you then
spoke up: "how the matter, little students, why are you sad ah? Have bothered? Hello,
I understand ... ... this does not mean that next time, if you work hard, how fail?
"Listen to your words, I understood why.
  path ah! Whatever I pleased or sad, you for me add no oil, so I have every day like
there is a mentor at my side, always remind me.

 Teacher: Nie Yong-Fan

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