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 This day is really the day .......
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 Yu Daojie Primary 5 (3) Ban Yue Wan Chapter

 5 Tuesday 9 rain

  today, I was walk to school. On approaching the school, I suddenly thought of mind
to do at the "new humanities" Reader, but I did not bring Yeah.
  I had left Jinjiao Men, mouth to keep the mantra: "This time finished! This time
finished!." I finished school, I did not take quickly to the "new human" books and told
the students, the students are enthusiastic to help me come up with ideas: "to call it
outside the school." I dare not be out of school, say do not know how can call it?
"Went to the teacher by phone." Can I embarrassed. Time, minute by minute later, my
father went to work for a while should the family be no people. No way, I had to
choose to accompany me to the left Liao Yiming teacher by phone. Making phone
calls, I head down to Wang Menwai run, even forgot to say thank you, and then
rushed back to the left front of the teacher said loudly: "Thank you teacher!"
  return to the classroom, I am anxious waiting for dad to give a "new humanism" had
read. Dad finally took the "new humanism" originally read, my heart is finally free
from anxiety down. Although the program does not use the word "new humanities"
Reader, this is a lesson, ah, then I can not always forgot things!
  students, do not always forgot something oh!

 Teacher: Yi-
 comment: my anxiety to be characterized in more detail.
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