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 coin game naughty teacher

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 coin of small white clouds 7 Three Wu Xueyan% D% five years A
 small coins firmly in my hands, what to buy then? Buy rubber? I Nabuchushou,
because coins are known as very inconvenient for the money. Today, however, I found
a coin of the new role, not only shopping but also to make the game too!
 leading teachers in the beam, we made a fun game - "the coin." Liang teacher first
publicly announced the rules of the game: "We can use various methods to coin in the
cup in the cup, but can not handle hit the water, if invested, would mean you will have
good luck, in groups of five each . "Subsequently, the beams teachers are doing a
demonstration. Hehe, teachers can do really well, coins are not crooked not inclined to
"jump" into the glass. Teacher has given each of us three coins and a cup filled with
water, put a small glass center.
 teacher in the beam order, the game finally began. I first flat cast, me, like a high
strength of the archer arrows, aim at the target carefully the coins into the water.
"Splash" of coins into the water. Coins sometimes act like a ballet dancer, dressed in
shiny clothing, beside the glass around a circle slowly after they fall into the water,
and hey! Did not hit! Sometimes like a rocket, quickly fell into the glass. Great! I hit,
my heart is sweeter than eating the honey. Then I cast on end. I saw the golden coin as
the autumn leaves, swaying to fall into the bottom. Hey! Not any more money into.
Hey, naughty little coin, you are not deliberately mad at me ah! I looked some loss.
 of this interesting game, so I am immersed in joy, but also made me understand, you
have to not only have sufficient confidence in their brains, but also find tips to make
things more perfect!
 Instructor: Liang Bingyu
 reviews: composition is great, very clear explanation, he described it very detailed
and vivid. You are so good, Come on now! Our "small writer."
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