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					Naughty naughty monkey love

 naughty monkey like strawberries

 mischievous monkey

  mischievous monkey
  Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, lotus under the center of the
fifth grade flights Wang Sujia
  I like the park, those mischievous monkeys.

 monkey looks really appealing: whole body, like wearing a sweater; a pair of round
yo eyes look bright and piercing; a red ass, as was on fire like; behind towing a
slender and flexible tail.

 monkey eating a more lovely time. I get to the monkey eating a strawberry next to
Nazhilaohou eye grassland, monkey, hand grabbed the hands of the strawberries, and
then went up while eating with relish. Nazhi monkey anxious Jiji whining. I took a
strawberry to eat it. This time, the monkey, "eat a cutting experience", and handed it
over one of my strawberries, quick to leap to the swing frame. Strawberry leaves
above the first monkey take off, then put the strawberries to your mouth, I saw a few
corner of his mouth, strawberry on the "filled" into the stomach. It jumped from the
swing, but also reached into the cage outside, would like to beg me to give it it
strawberries. Did not expect to eat small monkeys also so fast!

 monkey love monkey, play: turn a somersault, swing, ride a bike ... ... really worthy
Monkey - Monkey's offspring, turned down son.

 I like the park, those mischievous monkeys, but I prefer the those for the protection
of wild animals and quiet dedication of the people.

 Tutor: Chen Zefeng
 Comment: of course naughty monkey cute, but the author of more people like
innocence. Article full of childlike, especially at the end of chose this topic, more
people can not help but lament of a young age so naive.

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