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									Naughty cousin clever monkey

 monkey naughty cousin clever

  naughty cousin
  stars Yiwu private schools 6 (D) Wang Yu-Chao I have a clever too like the monkey's
cousin, just 5 years old, grown very thin and small, can have a very smart, very
naughty, favorite climb.
  that day, Huang Zitao came to me downstairs to play basketball, his younger brother
to go clamoring Naozhe, I can do nothing but to take him to the
  one downstairs, he saw 2,5 m high horizontal bar on the climb, clever as a monkey,
and it would reach the peak of the
  basketball court, many people, I Huangzi Tao in the play, picked the ball under his
brother in basketball. I call out for his brother: Now the ball a lot, you are likely to be
under the ball to the fence will be crushing, and soon go home. Who knows, the
younger brother to Lianyi Chen, crying, weeping, basketball court, climbing the fence,
there are 4 meters high that network, what he's climbed up on top of the San Liangxia.
I can not help but worry Huang Zaitao up, if fell off how do? I quickly called him
down, but he cried even more loudly. Said: Why not let me play ball, you can play.
Everyone's attention is gradually drawn to him, thought he was afraid, stuck atop a.
Then a young man ready to rescue him, the young man finally climb that can both
stand up cousin long ago to the other side of the fence, kicking the person next
  people no longer go up, just watching him laugh. After a child, he cried enough on
quick down the fence. Still came to pick the ball under the fence, the results can be
imagined, he really missed was a basketball.
  him home, also made up a bizarre story:
  I am here today to play basketball in the basketball court, was Zayun, and fell to the
ground. Later, someone told me,: how do you, how come you, and also take water
poured me awake. Mom smiled: Who took the water poured awake you. Cousin wrote:
did not see one, only to see buckets. Mom: So how are your clothes dry? Cousin
wrote: Maybe the water is pouring in from the side. Mom knew that he was editing,
then laugh at him: Yes, who stinks like a toilet bowl irrigated with awake. One brother
woke up with a toilet irrigated, quit, busy changed to: Actually I did not faint, joking!
  You see, my clever naughty little brother.
  Teacher: Wang Biao

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