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 New Year's Eve the village for the elderly

 New Year a

  new year holiday in Ziyang County, Shaanxi Province, Takahashi Gaoqiao Town
Primary School fifth grade classes Zhaoming Jun
  Today is New Year's Eve festival, which is New Year's Eve, or "New Year" again!
  heard of the New Year there is a legend: a kind of ancient times called the "year"
monster, like a very strange, sharp corners in his head, ferocious. Every New Year's
Eve festival in the village people to help catch up with old pull a small hill to avoid
  one occasion, an old man to tarry in the village, people are off into the mountains,
they advise elderly people went to the mountains to the asylum, the elderly refused.
Monster came crackling of old Pi Gimli stood firecrackers, "year" can not move
forward. Then the elderly, opened the door, wearing red clothes, "years" suddenly ran
  The next day, people back through the village, where safe, people to see them sent
packing, "Year" three magic weapons. At this point, every New Year's Eve paste
couplets, hanging lanterns, placed the firecracker.
  tonight, we ate reunion dinner, went to the upstairs to set off firecrackers, fireworks,
let salute ... ...
  there is a like a "mouse", you are a light, it whipped running to disappear. "Bloom
thunder" like a fountain rushing the sky is very beautiful, red. Huang. Green ... ... the
Yen the state, very beautiful. "Butterfly" squeak bang fly the sky, turning a few laps in
the top before slowly vanishing into the night.
  we put a lot of firecrackers. Salute ... .... But I've never seen "year" may, "year" can
not come, I think people are promised for next year's harvest desire.
  New Year's Eve festival off really happy ah! If next year also so happy we're having!

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