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					New Year Celebration New Year Celebration

 New Year's parties and classroom programs

 New Year get-together

  New Year get-together in Dongying City, Shandong Province (estuary) island
communities isolated fifth grade classes Chih-Yuan Chen
  This afternoon, our class held a grand New Year party. When he first entered the
classroom, I was shocked, can not help but exclaimed "wow cow!" Classroom of the
layout of our great expectations. Hang a ceiling fan on all color bars and balloons,
tables and chairs are arranged in a "concave" shape, intermediate speech program.

 we are anxiously awaiting the show started 1:30 into the program began.

 first program is the all singing of "friends" song, we all cheerfully sang ... ... singing,
singing, our minds out on the surface will be different from the kind of friend scenario,
then how sad. Note, however, is still happy in the classroom and jumped up, rejoicing
with ... ...

 second program is Liu Yang zheng solo, she played a beautiful sounding voice
Zheng, all the students by this beautiful tweedle intoxicated, as if exposure to the
palace of art, music, play the sea ... ... After a while the whole class burst into
applause overwhelming. Meanwhile the beautiful sound of the piano is still
reverberating in the ears.

 third Well, to say the third Well, it's more another! Is that many people still love the
double reed. Just listen Wangzhao Xuan said: "The words of Wu Song went to Jing
Yang Gang Hotel ... ..." if not yet finished and supporting characters, Wang Bo said:
"The U.S. nightclub." Wang Zhaoxuan then put the two words mixed up and said:
"The words of Wu Song went to U.S. nightclub. "... ... the audience burst of Comedy,
thunderous applause again burst ... ...

 last is a long-awaited everyone," said anti-talk. " Days on the stage saw Margary Xin
Yan Yang said: "I visit the market." Margary Xin had said: "The market visit me."
Provoke the people laugh, some people drink the water in the mouth spray out of ... ...

 Finally, we chorus singing "Auld Lang Syne," Happy New Year party at the end of
the song of a ... ...

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