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 new member of the family aunt

 new family member

 new family member
 plant materials Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province Primary 5 (2) Shen
Zhen Jie
 there are three individuals in our family, that is father, mother and me. However, I
recently Adds a new family member. Please do not misunderstand me, it is not my
brother or sister, because now is the time thing in family planning. It was a cute puppy
named Blackie.

 Blackie is a beautiful four dogs, a small pearl-like head with two black eyes, which
were two yellow eyes, a small plush balls, looks like there four general eye, so we
called it that four dogs. It has two relatively well-developed chest muscles. Limbs are
black, toes are deep yellow, can be interesting.

  member of this lovely new people to come to. Three of the day our family went to
play in Tongxiang aunt. I just saw a big dog aunt gave birth to a puppy. This puppy
just over a month, just weaned. Do not look at it is small, but is very bold and strange
to see I am not afraid, go on my feet to play with me. I rubbed its head, it is not
known, nor run, very affectionate with me. Aunt said that this little dog and I am
destined. When I open the aunt to little dog, aunt agreed. I am pleased to have again
and again that a good aunt. Before I left when the aunt with a box I installed puppy to
take home.

 came to my house, I've just put the box out of it running around, if there is its
original home. I went to shoot it came about, it immediately became very good, but
squatted at my feet and shook its tongue, wagging tails, eyes and looked at me, like a
sensible child.

 I and the father of two who immediately hands it made a very beautiful room, and
gave it to prepare a lot of food. The placement of it in our family home. Now if I was
at home, it always followed the end of me shaking his head Akira, as if said to me:
"Hello, little master!"

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