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									My ideal school spirit school spirit ideal

 good school spirit and the small thief

 My ideal school spirit

  My ideal school spirit
, Foshan, Guangdong Province City Shunde District of Foshan City Chencun center
six years of primary four classes Zhou Yulian
  good school ethos is the winter's fire, warming my cold heart Fengyun; ideal ethos is
a rollercoaster, my cross to the good and the beautiful the other side; ideal ethos is the
tiny trickle that moistens my heart ... ... However, it is because there have been some
things I witnessed, always Lili in the head, really understand the ethos of my ideal!

  school where students can really be a group of students Samaritan too! Little did
speak on it! I remember it was a sunny Friday, faint clouds, fresh air in, revealed a
sign of cooling! Little of the sick to school, suddenly, I heard bursts of noise coming
from the carport at the sound of curiosity led him can not help but closer inspection,
oh! One thief was holding tools in car theft, waist hanging a sharp knife too! At this
time, the small ants generally anxious as hot! Thief found the small, hastily left
cycling. Suddenly, the small not hesitate to chase the thief. Finally, because the less Li
Bo, little of this would be difficult to catch the thief. But his spirit that Samaritan
really hard to find!

 student of our school is not only a very courageous and that love of labor, awkward
and often arise in my mind. Once, the school held a monthly clean-up, each student
has been busy cleaning the school. Schools in the allocation of our biological garden
clean. I saw a small music initiative holding water, screw on the tap to a chicken coop
before, smiled, as if that tells it like silent.

  little music just open the henhouse, they smelled an odor nostrils. I can not help
frowning, glancing around and found several classmates over his nose, frowning. I
assumed a 100 m sprint posture, ready to dash through the most foul place. Then, I
saw a little figure - a small music, his momentum will be a chicken coop using water
of sewage on the floor suddenly rushed product. Do not feel very easy, in fact, "easy
to see flowers, embroidery difficult", do not make good use of momentum, it will
wash Debu clean! My stay at the side, watching with rapt attention, thought, music
really a bit foolish small, casual get to meet a few teachers do not on the line, why so
serious, created for itself a. Suddenly, the distant "small music, here we come!" Ah!
Students holding a bucket they gradually come clean. Suddenly, I see, I am not far
behind to dry up ... ... the students that bright red face constantly out of a string of
pearls short of the line, as if symbolizing the sense of those skilled labor little
awkward serious work !
 However, we also organized the school's students line up. A school, the school five
stairs can be fun, and a section with the rugged green mountain streams flow down
slowly. Came to the hall, even the usual "tone preserved eggs" little inflammation is
also nice to stand good. See, he was carrying bags, Jinjindegen the team, can seriously
up. Slowly, a stream of green up neatly out of the campus! Disappeared in the crowds!

 I am learning environment - school, precisely because it has a good school spirit, it
seemed so beautiful, so fascinating. You say, my ideal ethos great it? Envy it?
 Instructor: Kwong Wai-yin

 Submission :2003-4-9
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