My good friend in a plot to pay Bin

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					My good friend in a plot to pay Bin

 good friend at a district

 good friend of mine paid Bin
 good friend of mine paid Bin
 Rihui Village Primary Five (5) ASUs Yan

  I had a good friend. His name is Fu Bin. He is tall and thin long, strength is not small.
Fu Bin, was covered with white face on a pair of bright eyes, shining with strong eyes.
We are living in schools, always hand in hand.
  one day I, I and small partners in the district hold a football match. Smaller because
of the site, goalkeeper can not shoot the ball directly to the door. In the game, I pay
Bin adversaries. It took some time, we all have one goalkeeper suddenly sent the ball
high and far away, touched my feet, into the other's goal. Fu Bin, because no see,
come and debate me. Results argument evolved into a quarrel. Finally, pay Bin a
pique, cut off our friendship.
  after the game, I am ashamed, because such a small matter to lose a good friend,
more than worth ah! Also, the game was originally a friendly ah. I would like and pay
the bin and good. But that is not exported.
  passed not long after this incident, we also held a district in basketball, and I pay the
bin was in a team. Once, I got a pass, and saw a great pay-bin standing position. I
would not hesitate to pass the ball to him. I expected to pay bin, the ball dropped into
the. The game relying on co-Wolia to help our team to victory.
  after the game, and we were actually made while the relative parties to resume the
friendship. Of course, the outcomes we want to resume the friendships. Fu Bin, told
me that he thought back, and his place is also wrong, and I also want a good, but like
me, not say.

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