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My feelings pentagram painted painted


									My feelings pentagram painted painted

 five-pointed star is painted feelings

 My pentacle
 feeling my feelings pentacle
 Fuqing Dan Zhushan U.S. school children six years of the Buddha (4) Fang

 colorful Banlan my feelings, and in different situations have different changes, like
the same color ring. I want to give my feelings painted a beautiful color, it has
become the color of my heart ring.
 face covered when I smile, my body is golden, my heart is bathed in golden sunlight,
as if just as a sunflower faces the sun. So, when I pleased, it will be my painted gold.
 if I lock myself in the heart of a dark room, this is the time for my sad, sad time often
took a hit, just as suddenly, like falling into an abyss, the abyss, the dark of one, see
nothing, so the black coating in sad here.
 in my calm, I like lake water. So still as a mirror, the green was like a flawless
emerald. I think any one person will not have the heart to the calm lake is still under a
pebble. As noticing, calm has been painted green I was.
 I'll daze painted white. Because at that time, surrounded by vast expanse of
whiteness, the original I have in the sky, and next are white clouds, endless, do not see
the edge. I am in the white world, nothing to do and what not to. If this time around
was calling me, I will regard him as a fantasy.
 very uneasy, I was red. Heart like a burning flame, for a while, the next moment. My
people are like that flame, like a moment "quiet" is not down. , I think, when my face
must be bright red. If I use my appearance to describe the color of the color of my
heart, is not it?
 I've been with my "feelings Pentagon heart" painted with beautiful colors, I think my
feelings far more than this "emotional five-pointed star," it inside the five, there are
many ... ... Many ... ...

 Teacher: Jie
 reviews: Life is full of a composition, a small author's emotional life as the theme,
creative introduction to the "emotional five-pointed star" and painting process; skillful
use of contrasting colors to express emotion, to write their own unique and genuine
emotional experience, is really a little of the rich emotion!
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