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My favorite season - autumn favorite season


									My favorite season - autumn favorite season,

 favorite season, autumn although

 My favorite season - autumn

 I love the season - Fall
 Ankang City, Shaanxi Province Bureau of water three children of one school, 51
Class I Kexin
 year has four seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter, which is we all know.
However, the four seasons, you are most like the one? If you ask me, I would blurt out:
"Fall!" Although there is no autumn, spring like flowers. However, it has its special
beauty of it.

 when the cool autumn winds, sent a chill blowing. As if the wind told her mother in
those naughty child: "days cold, wearing little more than clothes, careful not to catch

 Catcher, a golden, as if the wheat were loudly cheered. You see, this piece of wheat
more than laugh Huan ah! They broke a belly laugh, revealing a full rich fruit Brilliant,
how lovely! Farmers uncle is from ear to ear smile, while they harvest, while the joy
of the harvest to talk. Out of wheat fields, we walked into the orchard. Look! These
babies are heavy fruit hung in the branches, the weight of fruit mother breath. Golden
orange, peel half of the taste, oh! Sweet and sour sweet and sour, and delicious Yeah!
Red apple, done Attempt to do me like beauty, radiant. Yellow pear, though his face
covered with pockmarks, but to try, taste really good! The fruit growers baby who
seems to have said: "The harder, the market men and women are waiting for us!

 out of the orchard, looking up at blue sky, a group of geese are flying south, they
while lined up, "one", while arranged in "human" character.

  fall is so beautiful! I really like it, do you do?
 Tutor: Luo Xinju
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