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Musical fountain musical fountain in the


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									Music fountain fountain's

 musical fountain in their

 music fountain

 music fountain
 Harbin, Heilongjiang Province City Teachers Primary five flights Liang Chen
 fountain, rare. In this world, the number of fountains in the end, nobody could ever
count. However, the fountain is the most pure, they erupted out of the spring ah, they
allow people to get the most valuable thing --- happy. My favorite is the Harbin
Conference and Exhibition Center in Fountain Square.

 which is the best musical fountain. I arrived Huan spring of jumping the square, so a
long time, only heard the music, music room with a host of words: "Ladies and
gentlemen, please note that the musical fountain is about to start." I listened to all of a
sudden jumped up, young hearts filled with joy.

 music sounded, the same soft like moonlight. This is an open but quiet music took
me to another world. At this time, saw an crystal spring water from those black, firmly
lying on the red to turn on the small "mouth" come up. No, they are pouring out of.
Water bubbles as playful as the baby squeezed, freeze up like ice, and like a crystal
stream I also like the hot springs ... ... them - that keep emission spring, just
intoxicating moment, suddenly erupted like a pile of smooth, small, transparent pearls,
in the slingshot to struggle, flew to heaven. Water with the music's footsteps, keep the
change. See ah, another fountain fly an out, like countless bird cage, be free and
happy to fly the blue sky. Look Ah, fountains erupted one after another one by one,
meantime, are changing color, right-left red green and blue under the white, yellow
center. Them is like Ice, appears crystal and like rainbows in the sky. Left side of the
fountain of red, as if a strip with a transparent, bright dazzling ruby, the right side of
the fountain of green, like a delicate piece of light green grass, reflecting the ground
water; upper half of a shallow fountain exudes a milky white light ; lower half of a
fountain like the blue sky; the middle of the fountain it yellow, like the moon, like
gold and like autumn leaves. These beautiful colors, interwoven with, if there is a
piece of blue sky, cloud, green, sun, autumn's amber. I could not believe that this is
the role of light. And then the fountain has long been to four eruptions, and throw a
million cups of pearl. Drop fall flower, fall on the grass, fell on people's heart fields.

 fountain in Harbin, the Harbin spring playing in the sky, Harbin, Harbin, I looked at
the sky along with spring water. Love fountain in Harbin Harbin Harbin Harbin I
 Instructor: Chi Shuang
 Comment: Great teachers do not know how many times read, and read enough to
read tire of the small author, no, a small fountain depicts a music writer to be so
colorful and vivid. Really admire you young as this rich imagination and

 Received :2004-10-1
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