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					Mice also have a conscience conscience mice

 mouse conscience Turtle Beach

 Mouse conscientious

 Mouse conscientious
 Fuqing City Experimental Primary School 6 Lin Jie, in four classes each summer,
 is the sea turtle breeding season. Golden beaches, the strange rock edge, and sea
turtles often come and go.

 day of July, hot it guarded a sea turtle mothers of children born in yet --- eggs next.

 at night, surreptitiously sneak a mouse on the beach. It is first a small grasses in
hiding, watching the movements of the beach. Suddenly, he found a turtle was sitting
on the beach. Turn the eyes of a mouse, thought: With my experience and intuition
side of the sand sea turtle eggs which certainly, I really want to get eggs hand. I the
United States and the United States to taste the delicious turtle eggs. But how to let
turtles go away then?

  mouse eyeball a turn, the idea. He picks a small stone into the sea. "Splash", a small
stone fell into the sea. Turtle mother found to have movement, feel suspicious,
immediately climb to the sea, to explore what happens.

 mouse to seize the opportunity and ran toward the beach where Shanghai turtle just
tummy. 2 paws keep the place in the buried eggs dug up. Dug dug, it was finally held
the turtle eggs seen. It pleasantly surprised, happily thought: Today I had a good meal
can be.

  mouse just salivating, it suddenly reminded of this time last year, only sea turtles
have saved his life. Rat heart could not help a bit soft, he thought to himself: I like this
is not very ungrateful, many people said to be as famous, not to mention what we

  a result, mice to an egg back in place, re-use of sand burying. Then her mother turtle
back, she saw a rat there, and asked: "You're not my last year of that mouse to save
it?" Mouse was looking at turtles with gratitude, said: "Yes, thank you, turtle mother.
"Mouse said, with shame, silently away.

 mouse to go home after his conscience, then quit that, and he never stole eggs.
 Instructor: Lin Xiaobin
 Comment: the eyes of rats in our humanity, is one of four victims. In the small of the
fairy tale, when the rats have conscience, there are good points. Little of us from
another angle, to Grateful.
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