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 mother's tears

  mother's tears
, Foshan, Guangdong Foshan District Nanzhuang Purple South Primary Six (2) Class
Liang Ming-fine
  "There is only a good mother, not mother of the child as blades of grass." I sat in a
chair, listening to the song with deep feeling - the world only a good mother.

 "snapped -" soon as the door opened, and her mother escorted bike into the house, in
a dark light on urgency and the mother's face wrinkles were added, the mother of two
days of scouring the hair turned white, his mother the night of rushing to feed the
whole family, but to say she was never bitter.

 ah, tomorrow is mother's birthday, we are more than 10 years old and has never had
a decent gift to send to my mother. "Yes, on hand to do a gift for the mother," I am
pleased to think.

  The next day, I am ready for the mother to make a small purse, I found a piece of
pink cloth, then carefully cut out every piece of square cloth and then put on line on
the stack began to sew together. As the needle is too impatient ruthless bar once in my
fingers, red red stained with the blood of a warm piece of pink cloth ... ... Finally, I
embroidered the pocket, "his mother a happy birthday!"
% D % A to night, the mother wears a night back, I was greeted by a first up, took out
a small purse from the bag, the mother saw, first surprised a moment, followed by
tears. I was shocked, indomitable mother to the little purse actually is cry, I really can
not understand why, but looked at the mother's face suddenly understands a lot of
wrinkles. Mother, family members have worked tirelessly to work, the cruel fate has
been refused to let her have a better life now, and intelligent daughter still remember
my mother's birthday gift was also made to send copies of themselves, how it will not
be moved?

, ah, how meaningful the mother's tears!
 Instructor: Steven Ling

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