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 moon reverie

  moon reverie Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, hook Liangzhu
Central Primary School 601 Yu Chuang can
  of the lunar year of 15 August is the annual Mid-Autumn Festival. This year's
Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon is exceptionally bright, like a round white plate.
Looking at the moon, I can not help but think of the 1969 "Apollo" spacecraft to the
moon thing. I side into the infinite reverie ... ...
  2020 year, I rode Shenzhou VIII, flying into the vast space, boarded the moon that I
have been fascinated to see that child in the end on what kind of. Is a broad plain, is
the blue sea, is rolling hills, beautiful fields, or ... ... that is exciting day for the people
of the country and the world are concerned about me. I log in spacecraft, ready to
launch. 5.4. 3.2. 1 Launch! Both ordinary and special characters, are brought together
only the wish of the Chinese people speak out. Spacecraft around the Earth the first
few laps, and then fly into the vastness of space. Planet in the universe seems close to
me. Seeing at once to land on the moon, and, I am a bit excited and a little excited,
still a little nervous. From the spacecraft down, only to find the moon is not the way I
expected, to a barren piece of all, desolately cool. My dreams suddenly shattered. The
ground around a hole of varying size, it will fall down accidentally. Although I have
been careful to walk, but I fell down. I have a coma about 10 minutes, Gradually, I
regained consciousness over. I found myself in a huge pits. Here to 3 meters, 2 meters
wide, four sides are cliffs, some slightly smooth. Suddenly, I found that whole body
cold, as if sitting on a cold stone. I touched the original is a piece of ice, thinking: "ice
is not formed by water frozen?" I jumped with joy, exclaimed: "I have found water! I
have found water!" I used Tools, strive to climb up. I found that the deeper the hole,
the more thick ice on the end. The moon is cold outside within the original heat, and
Earth just the opposite! I found that the moon's "privacy", the could not wait to return
to Earth, it tells all of humanity, to our more advanced space technology.
  at this time, my mother woke me, I discovered that was a dream. Although it is a
fantasy thing, but I will work towards this dream of! !

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