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Money simple riddles riddles


									Simple riddle riddles money

 sister riddle riddles easy

 riddles money

 riddles money
 Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province Tongxiang Wuzhen plant
materials Primary 6 (2) the more money Ping
 Today, I sit still had nothing to do with the riddles to get her sister. Sister readily

  sister came, she boasted that: "Whatever I can guess the riddle, though you are out of
question!" I said: "Do not blow! See if you can put me out all riddles all guess. "sister
said:" Please speak! "I said:" You listen to them carefully! 9 oranges given to 13
children to eat, how to divide it fair? "" ah, this is very simple. not Orange juice is to
squeeze into it? "sister confidently said:" right! Please listen to the second question.
Why is the Statue of Liberty always stand on the New York Harbor? "" This riddle is
very simple! because the sculpture is statue, so she can not sit. "" ah, this time you
another answer. Now you listen, the more difficult question. What are the benefits of
black hair? "sister thought for a moment before replying. I was wrong. She said one
by one answer. I was wrong. She had said in frustration: "Surrender! Please tell me
the answer in the end is that?" I said with a smile: "You in the account, and such a
simple subject would not answer. It's the answer is not afraid of black hair and a tan!
Kazakhstan Haha ... ... "my sister said angrily:" What a great, said the next question.
"" guess the following puzzle. "" puzzle on the puzzle, go! "" the first question,
decisive and effective. "" bold and vigorous, decisive effective ... ... "my sister said,
several answers did not answer. Sister reluctantly said: "surrender." I laughed and said:
"It is simple, it is a male word. Age does not break character is a character field, a
strong force is to add a word? That is not to become a man word it? good, the next
question is one a mouth, under the long hand. "" is to take the word, right? "his sister
said doubtfully. "Answered correctly." My voice just happily jumped up and down
sister. "Now listen, the third question, Can Hong residual eye is running out." After
listening to my sister thought for a moment then said: "No, surrender." I said: "The
answer is the word Miao." "Well, I really should not boast. "I said:" Your riddles of
skill than I, and replaced my grades definitely worse. "

  on the end of such riddles, and sister of a correct attitude I know some issues are no
longer intentionally difficult people.

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang

 Submission :2005-9-513: 36:03
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