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									Mom and Dad, I love you Mom and Dad Mom and Dad

 father and mother grandmother knee 一朵

 father and mother, I love you
 father and mother I love you
 Tonglu Yao Qing Chun Jiang primary 505

  Dear Mom and Dad:
  I remember my childhood, my grandmother gave me a bath, I have repeatedly
pointed to scars on his knees asked the grandmother: "Grandma, how knees will I scar
you?" Grandma said to me, smiling: "This is what scar you? This is a beautiful plum.
flower in Yeah, the hidden your parents love you! "" Oh, is a plum Yeah! "I nodded
  one time, Mother you give me a bath, I asked you: "Mommy, how my knees would
be a plum it?" You smiled and said to me: "When green grew up, talk to my mother
you say. "
  one day the mother you think I am grown up, and I will talk about the past. Me since
my mother let me your weak body to come into this world two weeks in advance. At
the time, was played that year under the first snow of winter, may be far too late in the
countryside, not my grandmother's clothes gets here, I had only wrapped in a jacket of
your mother, your father me tightly in her arms, looked at my frozen little purple lips,
then, give me a hot water bottle wrapped into. Result, I was hot from the tender skin
of a big bubble. Doctors say babies born this is very dangerous, take good care must
be careful, do not have the slightest negligence: the first is not to piss wet swaddling
clothes, changing diapers must be timely; second blisters can not be torn, otherwise
would lead to bacterial infection and died. So, you give up a busy work for a week's
leave, constantly be at bedside good care of me every day several times for my rub
cream. A week later, my mother and I was discharged and returned home. As the
mother of your body is too weak to take care of my work at the natural fall of the
father of your body. So, you go to work during the day, even for me every night for
dozens of diapers, I am afraid of the cold, they put me in his arms all night sleep. You
listen to my mother, I sometimes do not always sleep through the night crying, your
father had to hold me, cajole me to sleep. Dad, I know that you are to me, you must
have bloodshot eyes, and people have gotten thinner it! You also said her mother,
father washing diapers as often to me, the original smooth cracked hands together and
  father and daughter is only now understand the original you also have carefully, and
even his father can not do in general, this is your father's deep love for her daughter!
  mother, in her daughter's eyes, you are a "strict mother." In second grade, I deserted
the old school, attention, the teacher assignments are often not complete. Later, you
know, and severely criticized me. At that time, I regret my practice, the determination
on the secret underground: the future must study hard, paying attention in class,
assignments completed on time. Then I get rid of these bad habits, academic
performance really go up.
 Mom, I know you are in school every day, worked hard for your students at home,
also every day for your daughter to worry about. You know what? It also found that
your daughter's face a few days more than a few wrinkles. So her daughter grow up to
be a senior beautician must make all the world like you forever young and beautiful
 here, I say in good faith to you: "Mom and Dad, I love you!"

 wish is always happy, healthy life!
 Your daughter Yao Qing
 2006 年 11 月 19 日

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